A New Home at Northwood IV

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It was quite stressful from the beginning. In fact, 23 kilograms was the luggage weight limit for my Lufthansa flight, and my luggage weighted exactly 23.0 kgs at the check-in! After arriving my gate and waiting for my plane, I put my headphones on and played Aşık Mahzuni Şerif - İşte Gidiyorum Çeşm’i Siyahım.

Here I go, my black eyed, even if the mountains are lined up in front of us…

Arriving Michigan

The whole trip took around 22 hours. Let’s call it a day. That’s what I did at my temporary AirBNB house to the north of North Campus, and hit the bed. I slept like a 0xDEADBEEF.

In my first week, I participated in lots of orientations, welcome parties, and other kinds of events where there were free food and free UMich swag. I met my advisor and lab mates. I tried to explore the area and find places that serve decent-ish food. I did, you know, all those compulsory stuff such as buying an American sim card, opening a bank account, and explaining the 7-hour time difference (between Ann Arbor and Turkey) to my relatives that call me.

Welcome to Ann Arbor!
East Liberty Street, Ann Arbor.

Northwood IV Single Graduate Housing – Two Bedroom, Two Levels

A week later, it was time to move into the house that was supposed to be my actual residence: a house for single graduates at Northwood IV.

I was quite nervous at first, since I had no idea what to expect, and it was pretty much impossible to find photos of Northwood IV single graduate houses on the web. Okay, there are floor plans here and there, but one wants to see how the interiors of the houses actually look like, you know (That is why, dear reader, I took photos of the place as the first thing after entering, for you). Thankfully, what I saw fulfilled my expectations. The house was beautiful, and extremely clean, too.

Click on the below links for the exclusive photos of Northwood IV.

/From the Outside/ /Entrance/ /Kitchen/ /To Upstairs/ /Second Floor/ /Bedroom 1/ /Bedroom 2/ /Middle Room/ /Bathroom/

Right now, I’m trying to furnish the house and settle in. I still don’t have my desk yet. Shoutout to Amazon. Anyways. Things are coming together, though.

Dear incoming grad who will live at Northwood IV…

If you are an incoming grad student that will furnish your house (like me), here are some useful links for you:

I hope you enjoy your first weeks at University of Michigan and Ann Arbor as much as I did.